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Starring ‘Twinkle’

As a child, we expected to be surrounded by bullying. In fact, it is so common that almost every movie that revolves around a school setting has some form of bullying. Some, sadly, are more extreme than others. A young author made it her responsibility to help kids deal with bullying in a more positive way through her first book, Twinkle.


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Akire Lynn Williams was a victim of bullying herself when she was just eight years old. She tried speaking with her teachers, but to her surprise, there was little to nothing to stop the continuous battle. In order to deal with the stress of bullying, Akire was able to express herself through writing.

Akire’s family was unaware of the experiences she had at school and was sad to know that she was going through this. At the same time, they were proud that Akire was able to write a book that shows others they are not alone.



The story is about a girl named Twinkle who ran away from home because she was bullied for being too small. The story resonated with her because most of the bullying that Akire experienced was towards her height.


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According to 11-year-old writes book inspiring others to stand up against bullying, after writing the book, Akire “felt more confident with myself, I felt bigger, like everybody wants to be my friend ever since I wrote the book, but like I’m just way more confident and outgoing.”



There are three lessons that can be learned from reading Twinkle. One is to always speak up. It can be hard to tell an adult what is going on but tell your parents and your teachers so that something can be done to prevent it from happening again.

Two is don’t be a bully. Don’t pick on someone for being different from you. You don’t know what they may be going through and your actions can cause more harm.

The last and most important lesson is to always be a star. No matter what you are going through, never forget to be yourself and be the light in the room.


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Akire at such a young age was able to use her own pain with bullying to inspire others to stand up against bullying. Her confidence to do so has allowed Akire to win the ‘No Bullying Hero’ award in D.C. and the Peace award in Chicago.


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