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‘Star Wars’ vs. ‘Harry Potter’: Which Movie Franchise Came Out On Top?

When it comes to the world of make-believe and universes created from ideas within authors’ minds, two tend to stand out. Super fans have stood behind the Star Wars franchise since the first book was released in the late 70s. Harry Potter fans, on the other hand, have just celebrated the 20th anniversary of the first book came out. So naturally, both are known for their wicked adaptations which took the cinemas by storm.



'Star Wars'

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The most recent Star Wars movie just came out in theaters and Fantastic Beasts is guaranteed five movies over the next few years. So where does that put both of these wildly popular series in the movie ranking? Does sci-fi or fantasy come out on top?


'Fantastic Beasts'

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Well, jedis and wizards, just before 2017 was over, the latest Star Wars film was able to hit the $1 billion dollar mark just hours before 2018. This surge made it the Top Grossing Movie of 2017. Wowza! Does it surprise me? Perhaps not, but that’s not all.


According to Elite Daily, with the nine Star Wars films versus all nine Harry Potter films, the call is so damn close. Harry Potter came out with $8.53 billion in sales, while Star Wars raked in $8.55 billion.
Don’t give up just yet Potterheads… Although a new Star Wars movie is due out in 2019, it has been pushed back multiple times for release. Fantastic Beasts 2 is in the filming process, but that too has sparked controversy for its casting of Johnny Depp.


Who will come out on top next year? It’s hard to say, but right now the force beats magic.

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