‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ Star Gets Her Own YA Series

One of the best things about ComicCon is their exclusive release of movie and book news. At the recent NYC ComicCon, Disney announced a new YA book series based on the upcoming movie Star Wars: Rogue One, which will be written by author Greg RuckaRogue One is not the next episode in the series, in other words it will not continue where Rey left off. Instead, Rogue One is a prequel to Episode IV. It’s meant to tie the original 3 Star War movies together with the 3 prequels. Confusing enough?

The series will focus on the former criminal-turned-soldier Jyn Erso, the main character from Rogue One. Other characters from the prequel, such as Cirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus will get their own books as well. The books will go into more depth about the rebels who attempt to stop the death star from ever being built in the first place. It is still unclear whether the YA series will be considered cannon or not. Perhaps Disney will give us some more information as time goes on.


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