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Star-Studded Shakespeare Biopic ‘All Is True’ Headed for Oscar Glory

Just in time for Oscar season, a star-studded film about the life of William Shakespeare, All Is True, will hit cinemas. It’s title was an alternate name for Shakespeare’s play Henry VIII.


The Guardian reports that Kenneth Branagh and Judi Dench will star in a film about the life of William Shakespeare , All Is True, which will also be directed by Branagh. The film is cutting it close, releasing just one week before the cut-off for Oscar season. It has pretty strong competition from contenders like Bohemian Rhapsody, A Star Is BornMary Queen of Scots and many more. 




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The script is by esteemed writer, Ben Elton, and the film focuses on the deteriorating relationship between Shakespeare played by Kenneth Branagh and his wife, Anne Hathaway played by Judi Dench. After the death of their only son, Hammet, the couple struggles to compose their failing marriage.


Branagh has previously been involved in multiple on screen adaptations of Shakespeare’s work such as Henry V (1989),  Hamlet (1996) and As You Like It (2006), just to name a few. He knows what he’s doing, his latest work was the reboot to Murder on the Orient Express in which he also starred and directed.



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