Stanford Sexual Assault Survivor Set to Release Memoir

In 2016, freshman Brock Turner, a nineteen-year-old university student at Stanford, was sentenced to a mere six months in prison following the sexual assault of a twenty-two year old woman only known to the public as ‘Emily Doe’. The case gained international popularity and ignited protests around the world. Everything from the trial, to Turner’s father’s pathetic attempt to defend his son, and the fact that he was actually released after only three months in county jail caused outrage to erupt around the country.


Image Via The New Yorker


Two Stanford University graduate students came across the disturbing scene of Turner “thrusting” his body on top of an unconscious, half naked woman behind a dumpster. Turner attempted to flee, but was chased, tripped, and held down until he was eventually arrested.

Doe addressed Turner directly in court with a powerful victim impact statement which subsequently went viral, in which she said she “was pummelled with narrowed, pointed questions that dissected my personal life, love life, past life, family life, inane questions, accumulating trivial details to try and find an excuse for this guy who had me half naked before even bothering to ask for my name…”

The sexual assault victim, who still remains anonymous, is now publishing a book. According to Viking Books, the book “will reclaim the story of her sexual assault, expose the arduous nature of the legal system, and emerge as a bold, unifying voice…”

Doe’s experience is intense and overwhelming; her story will be an exemplification of the power of writing and how it can institute change. It is set to be published in September of this year.


Featured Image Via Sports Illustrated