Stan Lee Releases a Poem on Respect

With all the fallout resulting from the 2016 election, many of our brightest cultural icons are speaking out. Some are telling us to protest, some are telling us to shut-up, but a certain few are reminding us what it means to be a good person. 

Stan lee wrote a poem called “Respect” and its message is simply that, respect yourself and the people around you. No matter what color they are, or where they came from. Lee also created a pin with a two hands shaking, one white and one black. Above the symbol on the pin is the word “respect.” To see the official release of the poem, click here, or read it below:


When God made man he went all out
As far as we can tell
He made some black, He made some white
And other shades as well
He placed them on the verdant Earth
To live and love and thrive
He favored none, He loved each one
And kept that love alive
Now the Lord’s perplexed and growing vexed
At those who’d mar his plan
Instead of love some practice hate
A practice we must ban
We all must share this tiny sphere
On which we live and die
Respect for all, in every way,
Should be our battle cry
It’s not too late to initiate
Friendship between the races
So let’s heed the call of the Lord of All
With the love that He embraces


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