Stacey Abrams: Politician, Voter Rights Activist… and Writer?

Mark Ruffalo was certainly not wrong when he referred to Stacey Abrams as a “real superhero,” as she has proven herself to be a driving force time and time again. However, this political hero and voting rights activist has another side to her that not so many people may know about: she is also a talented writer and has a new legal thriller book coming out in May.



That’s right, after months of working tirelessly with her team at Fair Fight to ensure fair voting processes in Georgia, Abrams will see another victory through the publication of her new novel, While Justice Sleeps. She described her legal suspense and political thriller to Entertainment Weekly in the brief synopsis below:

It follows Avery Keene, a law clerk in Washington, D.C. who finds herself involved in a controversial court case—surrounding an American biotech company and an Indian genetics firm—and a potential conspiracy that reaches to the deepest levels of the government.




This, however, is not Abram’s first stint as a writer. “Before they became ministers, my mother was a librarian and my dad was an avid storyteller,” she told Entertainment Weekly, “so my five siblings and I became voracious readers. Storytelling has always been a part of who I am. ” She wrote two bestselling nonfiction books, in addition to eight romance novels that were written under the pseudonym of Selena Montgomery.

While Justice Sleeps is set to be published on May 11th and is available for preorder now. If you are like me and cannot wait to begin reading her work then you can check out her nonfiction books, Our Time is Now and Lead from the Outside, or one of her romance novels. I know I’m curious to see the other side of this woman that I admire so much already, so I will probably be giving one of these a read in the meantime.