Spruce Up Your Home With These Bookish Ideas

We’re all sick of our home decor after months of quarantine. Here are bookish cheap/DIY methods to reinvent your home’s look.

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As COVID-19 spikes again, we’re looking at more months stuck inside.  If at this point you aren’t sick of the way your home is decorated, just you wait. We could all use a change right now, but most of us don’t have the money for a full revamp.

Here are some DIY ideas and cheap items to pimp out your home, and show off your love of books.

1. A DIY book clock out of an old book


image via claire gallam


2. A LED book lamp that works as a reading lamp and a cute decoration


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3. Some simple box shelves to fill with your favorite books and items


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4. Rearrange your bookshelves (and color code them if you’re feeling crazy)


Image via Flickr


5. Lovely wall decals that are easier to hang than pictures


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6. Cute book-related pillowcases to make your favorite reading spot even cozier


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7. Print images on book pages for a beautiful piece of art that no one else will have


image via thewonderforest.com


8. An invisible bookend, proving that books do have superpowers 


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9. creative coffee table books that your friends will love (when you can finally have them over again)


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10. or coffee table books that show off your favorite fandoms


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11. Bonus: For more DIY ideas, check out this list of 26 crafts to do with old books


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