Spring Reading: Books That the Bookstr Team Likes To Read in the Spring

The Bookstr team is here to tell you about our favorite books and genres to read in the spring! Read on to find out which books keep us company by the pool!

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As the flowers bloom and school’s let out, readers are once again returning to their neglected TBR stacks. While many may take a cute contemporary with them to the pool, on a road trip, or to picnic, not all readers are built the same. Some may prefer dystopian and others spine-chilling horror. Where does the Bookstr team stand? Read on as we let you in on some of our favorite books and genres to read in the Spring!

Rom-Coms and Fantasy Adventures

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Spring and summer just have that brightness reflected in sweet rom-coms and epic adventure fantasy novels. Sitting outside on the patio or around the fire pit with a light romance is one of my favorite pastimes. What better way to hike than with an elf in an orc fight along the road to destiny playing in your ear?

My favorite seasonal re-reads are The Pendragon Cycle by Stephen R. Lawhead and Boss Man Bridegroom by Meghan Quinn. 

  • Kristi Eskew, Editorial


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My usual spring reading genre was originally mystery. I loved reading a classic mystery novel while chilling in the warm sun, maybe with a yummy snack to go along with the page-turner… but this year has changed. I have recently fallen in love with the romance genre. I am usually a HATER of any romance-y stories; I tend to hate any movie or book that sets its whole premise around love. But this year has been a game-changer. Is it the lovely, cool breeze or all the gorgeous, sprouted flowers that have my heart swooning for romance novels? Who knows? All I know is that this season I have been obsessed with reading my romance books, and I am not planning on stopping!

  • Erin Ewald, Editorial 

Contemporary Romance and the ACOTAR series

Book cover; red background with "A Court of Thorns and Roses" in yellow text. A wolf with an arrow in its chest runs vertical on the cover.

Spring-going-into-summer is the best time to read romance novels! I love sitting outside in my backyard or at the beach with a cute romance novel. It makes me so excited for warm weather when I have a book warming my heart! I love to sit with a cold drink in the sunshine, hoping the bugs will leave me alone! I also feel that reading A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas is great for springtime! I am reading it for the first time, and I am currently on book three, A Court of Wings and Ruin, and I feel that the setting of the Spring Court is perfect for this time of year!

  • Corinne Vergari, Social

Romance is Never Out of Season

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I read what I like when I like, and it’s typically got a romantic subplot. This spring, I’ve been on a rom-com kick; I fell into a tiny rabbit hole, revisiting stories I’ve enjoyed in the past. My current re-read is Tsuredure Children, which is a manga that incorporates multiple Japanese romance tropes with an ensemble cast of high school pairings. The best part about re-reading this series is that I can go straight to the couples I like and skip the ones I didn’t care about the first time.

  • Gabriela Collazo, Editorial

The Beautiful by Renee Ahdieh; Favorite Genres: Romance, Horror, Dystopian

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I read a lot when I was younger and wrote a lot. I’ve had a dry spell the past couple of years, but I just started reading The Beautiful to get back into it. Reading also inspires me to keep writing. I love monsters, so starting a vampire romance that wasn’t Twilight seemed like a good place to start. Spring always gives me a sense of renewal and freedom, so it also seems like a good time to start a new romance series. Being able to sit outside or by the pool under the sun with a good book or find a nice cafe is the best time to get lost in the pages.

  • Talia W, Graphics

Dystopian & Fantasy Books as Well as Memoirs

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I used to read a lot more when I was younger, and my favorite types of books were dystopian and fantasy, like the Illuminae series, the Dorothy Must Die series, and Cassandra Clare’s books. I’ve been wanting to get back into reading more books and have been considering Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton, as I’ve reached that age where I’m in my early 20s and I’m still learning to navigate the world as a woman. I feel like memoirs like this would be the perfect thing to read in the spring, sitting in a cafe or at a picnic basking in the sun.

  • Mallak Mansour, Graphics


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While spring is often regarded as a time for growth and new beginnings, a lot of things also come to an end. The passage of time is something I find very difficult to grapple with, and coming-of-age novels tackle all the uncertainties of life in such a romantic, funny, and charismatic way that makes the change less scary. This spring, after finishing my first year of college, I have a TBR filled with these types of books.

  • Emma Jamrin, Editorial

Isekai Romance

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As a hopeless romantic, I indulge in romance manhwa all year long. However, spring feels like the perfect season for diving into isekai romance, a genre synonymous with renewal. In these stories, characters are transported to alternate worlds or alternate realities where they must reinvent themselves and find true love. This theme of transformation resonates well with spring’s air of new beginnings. Here are a few isekai romance manhwa that I really enjoy: I’ve Become a True Villainess, Father, I Don’t Want This Marriage, I Will Become the Villain’s Poison Taster, and How to Satisfy the Devil.

  • Sandra Garcia, Graphics

Folklore and Fantasy, Specifically Sword and Sorcery/Medieval Fantasy

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There’s just something about spring — the green grass, the budding flowers, the scent of rain, the birds singing. The beauty of the season.

  • Maggie Malfroid, Graphics

Books about Healing

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This is a really broad genre, but I tend to gravitate toward books about healing/trauma/self-help in the springtime. I also really get into my springtime K-drama vibe and binge-watch many, many K-dramas about healing and spring. There’s just something healing about springtime for me, so I need something to fit that vibe. I can’t think of any books, but I have some great recommendations for K-dramas. 

Two good picks are Piece of Your Mind and It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

  • Alexandra Mellott, Editorial 

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