Spider-Man Might Return to the MCU After All!

Similarly to how we thought Spider-Man met his untimely fate in Infinity War only to reappear in Endgame, so too will we see Spider-Man reincarnate in the MCU after tentative talks between Disney and Sony. Well, allegedly. It hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, but there are some pretty strong rumors out there that the two major companies are closing in on a deal to bring us seven new MCU Spider-Man films.


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Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe were sent into hysterics this past week after Disney and Sony failed to agree on licensing rights for Spider-Man. A staple to the MCU and a fan-favorite, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man was on thin ice, or should I say webs? No, I shouldn’t. Anyway, people were peeved, to say the least. A slew of memes were made attacking Disney and Sony, and Stan Lee’s daughter even chimed in saying, “Marvel and Disney seeking total control of my father’s creations must be checked and balanced by others who, while still seeking to profit, have genuine respect for Stan Lee and his legacy. Whether it’s Sony or someone else’s, the continued evolution of Stan’s characters and his legacy deserves multiple points of view.”




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We did it Mr Stark!

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Perhaps the most hopeful piece off evidence comes from Tom Holland’s Instagram account where he posted a photo of himself and Robert Downey Jr. with the caption, “We did it Mr. Stark!” (Funny enough, he had previously unfollowed Sony’s Instagram account in subtle protest). Holland, already notorious for accidental spoilers might have just given his fans a huge sigh of relief. Only time will tell!



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