Spicy Romance and Cozy Mystery Releases in May from Rowan Prose Publishing

Looking for a steamy romance? How about a murder mystery? Rowan Prose Publishing has you covered in May! Check out these new releases.

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May is the perfect month for romance reads and a tinge of comfy, cozy mystery. Rowan Prose authors are delivering times four in the month of May! Let’s take a look at three spicy romances and a cozy mystery sure to get your internal sleuth ready to solve a murder!

The Gift by Julie Castle

Book one of the Taste of Honey series, which is releasing on May 7th and is available for preorder. This ebook contains the steamy tropes of co-worker-turned-lover, secret admirer, and Dom-Sub dynamics — not to mention our FMC is a librarian!

The Gift by Julie Castle, book cover depicting a woman in lingerie before a bookshelf.

Penny is a lonely librarian who works with a polite but standoffish board chairman. Her duties are all the standard fair, so when she receives a package on her desk with no return address or sender information, she’s quite shocked to discover the naughty contents. Drawn further into the dark, sexual world of her admirer, she continues to receive anonymous gifts until he finally asks to meet in person…at a discreet hotel. Her world has never been shaken up so much. Can she take that leap into a world she never believed she would entertain, or will she stay the quiet, good girl librarian?

The Commander’s Club by Julie Castle

On the heels of book one comes book two just a week later (May 14th), so once you devour the secret admirer romance, you can immediately pick up this undercover agent romance.

The Commander's Club by Julie Castle, book cover depicting a woman sitting on a desk in office wear holding a clip board.

When her protege gets sucked into a prostitution slave ring, journalist Courtney decides to go undercover in order to find her and expose the organization. She poses as a submissive at the Commander’s Club, a BDSM front for the operation. Little does she know, her slave trainer is an undercover FBI agent. As they play their roles, they just might realize this twist of fate brought more than the destruction of an evil criminal empire.

Once In Love by Julie Castle

Julie Castle is pulling no punches. On May 21st, book three of the Taste of Honey series will be released, and this time, we’ve got major alpha vibes in a billionaire MMC and a stranded sexually repressed FMC up for auction who’s about to get her world rocked.

Once in Love by Julie Castle, book cover of a woman in provocative office wear in black and white

Stranded in Paris with few options, Laura is approached and asked if she’d like to participate in a courtesan auction. With few choices, she agrees, but secretly, she’s unsure how well she’ll do as her sexual experience has been less than explosive. On the heels of a divorce, billionaire Nick can’t kick the emotional toll the process has taken him. So much so that his sister gets involved and convinces him to attend the auction. What was supposed to be a night to placate his sister turns his world upside down as he sets eyes on Laura.

Murder a la Christie by Marilyn Levinson

Is there anything better than a mystery surrounding a book club about murder mysteries? Marilyn Levinson’s amateur sleuth book will be available for purchase on May 28th, or you can preorder it now.

Murder a la Christie by Marylin Levinson, book cover of an office den.

Murder derails the first meeting of Professor Lexie Driscall’s Golden Age of Mystery Bookclub. Set in her best friend’s fancy manor, more and more murders occur, all similar to that of the murder mystery Queen Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None. Putting all the knowledge she’s obtained from Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot over the years to the test, she attempts to find the murderer and, hopefully, save her bookclub.

All of the above books are available for pre-order on Amazon. Order today!

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