Rose Leslie

Spend a Night in Rose Leslie’s Childhood Home, Which Is a Castle

Every day seems to be the day for Game of Thrones news.


It was just last week, in fact, that Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie were announced to be engaged! The off-screen couple created a tidal wave of excitement and stirred the fandom up yet again. But even away from the GoT setting, it seems that actress Rose Leslie has had some actual encounters with ancient castles, but they don’t involve dragons or a Night King.


Lickleyhead Castle

Images Via Villas and Apartments Abroad


Leslie’s childhood home is not just some flat in a quiet neighborhood. It’s a stately stone castle nestled among the rolling country hills of Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The majestic architecture allows it to stand out amongst the plush green surroundings and we can’t help but gape at it like a bunch of peasants.


Who knew that Leslie has ties to an aristocratic clan with a lineage that dates back centuries? But what we do know, according to Digital Spy, is that you can actually stay there through Airbnb for a mere 600 pounds a night! Totally a steal to be royal for a hot second.


The Lickleyhead Castle has rooms that will either make you feel like a duke, duchess, or complete plebeian. 


Lickleyhead Castle

Check out that molding… /Image Via Digital Spy


Lickleyhead Castle

Table for sixteen anyone? /Image Via Digital Spy


If you do decide to stay in this glorious place, Don’t. Touch. Anything.


Feature Image by Jenykenn Via WallDevil