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Spawn Gets New Movie Adaptation Starring Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Renner

Todd McFarlane’s famous comic book character Spawn may finally get the movie adaptation it truly deserves. After an initial first movie from 1997 ended up as a critical fiasco, the new adaptation is being directed by McFarlane himself for a film to appease fans and attract newcomers alike.



Neither DC or Marvel own the rights to McFarlane’s creation. In fact, when McFarlane left Marvel Comics, many attribute him with changing how comics were made and sold from the 90s to the early 2000s. McFarlane started Image Comics after leaving Marvel, and would make Spawn become a hero and image that symbolized his companies first major successes. 



Todd McFarlane

Spawn creator, Todd McFarlane | Image via Nerdist



Spawn is a very interesting character. In life, he was named Albert Francis “Al” Simmons. Al was a highly trained, black marine who began to work for the CIA as a black ops assassin. As apart of black ops, Al killed scores of people in his line of work; some even innocent women and children. Therefore, Al Simmons was a great sinner in life.



One mission, Al is betrayed by his team and left to die. Beforehand, he had expressed his desire to leave the CIA and lead a normal civilian life with his beloved wife, Wanda due to moral questions about the job. Many forces, not just men, subdue him to his doom. It is here that Al Simmons is sent to Hell. 




Al Simmons, descending into hell | Image via Comic Vine



In order to see his wife just one more time, Al had made a deal with a demon to return to the living world. However, his wish would come at an eternal cost. Upon his return, five years have passed. Al is unrecognizable as the muscular, African American, human he once was. He is now cursed to wear the armor of the Hellspawns. Al Simmons may be dead, but Spawn lives on to strike revenge on all of those who have conspired against him.



Jamie Foxx

Image via Comic Book



Fans everywhere are elated that the comics are getting a new adaptation. Although some still love the original adaptation, this new project has the potential to chronicle Spawn’s story in a much more detailed and much more honest way. So far, Jamie Foxx has been cast as Al Simmons; a match that many are hyped for. Jeremy Renner will also be on board for this non-Marvel comic flick. He has been confirmed to play the role of Spawn’s human partner, Twitch.



The film will be produced by Indie horror production company, Blumhouse. So far, no release date has been given and filming hasn’t even started yet. The project is speculated to begin around late 2018. However, if you still need your fix of Spawn, check out the old HBO animated series. It has been hailed everywhere by fans and critics as a beloved adaptation and could definitely convert anyone into a fan.





Featured Image via Gamespot