Sourcebooks Donates 200K to Charity From RBG Calendar Sales

Independent publisher, Sourcebooks, has donated $200,000 to charity from the funds received for their 2021 The Legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg Wall Calendar; a whopping fifty percent of all proceeds! This generous gift was given in memory of the calendar’s inspiration herself, and those organizations were chosen from those that Justice Ginsburg believed in and supported throughout her career.


illustration of RBG


This 2021 wall calendar features fan art from talented women of varying diversities all around the world. Portraits of Ginsburg are surrounded by facts of her life story and life-long mission to fight for gender equality, as well as some of her most profound quotes. This work of art is a testament to Ginsburg’s amazing career, and Sourcebooks having donated a significant portion of its proceeds to charity was their effort to not only remember her but extend her work on after she has passed.

“Everyone at Sourcebooks was devasted by her passing and wanted to produce something that could pay tribute to this legend,” said Brittany Vibbert, Sourcebooks’ Senior Art Director on this project. “We want people to like the art and be excited about the product, but this calendar is truly a hats off to how great RBG was. That’s the great take away here; she was amazing and this is something that we could professionally do to show that to the world.”



With the gorgeous art work within the calendar, and a donation of $200,000 from profits, it appears that Sourcebooks certainly achieved their goal. Thanks to a beautiful and inspiring product, a truly memorable tribute to an iconic woman, they were able to contribute to charities that Ginsburg herself championed throughout her career, continuing in her footsteps of compassion and justice.




According to Publisher’s Weekly, “the organizations that received a portion of the donation include the Malala Fund, a nonprofit organization advocating for girls’ education around the world that was cofounded by Pakistani activist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai; Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center; the National Organization for Women Foundation; the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum; the Washington Concert Opera; and the American Bar Foundation.

Want to see what its all about for yourself first-hand? You can get your own Ginsburg calendar here.


feature image via sourcebooks