Sophie Turner Says She Received Her Sex Education From Game of Thrones

You may know her as the beautiful and increasingly tenacious Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones, but when actress Sophie Turner auditioned for the smash hit, she was only 12 years old.



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In an interview with the Times, Turner shares how she received her sex education from the graphic content in the series’ script. Turner reveals, “I’d be doing a read-through and we’d be talking about very graphic stuff.”


She continued, “The first time I ever found out about oral sex was from reading the script. I was like … ‘Wow! People do that? That’s fascinating! I guess that was my sex education. Being on Game Of Thrones.”


Unfortuantely, sex education from your favorite television series is never entirely accurate. Especially if it comes from Game of Thrones, a show that portrays mystical shadow pregnancies and gruesome sex scenes. Nevertheless, we could never lose our love for George R.R. Martin’s truly awe-inspiring creation despite the jaw-breaking cliffhangers and unexplained deaths that we’ve had to deal with.


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Featured Image Courtesy of Vanity Fair