Sophie Turner crouches with an adorable goat perched atop her back.

Sophie Turner Says ‘Goat Yoga’ Better Than Joe Jonas’ Proposal

We always knew Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner was the GOAT—but this proves it.

Sansa Stark’s ever-iconic actress has been frolicking with cute baby goats, which is both an accurate statement and a redundant one. ALL baby goats are cute, as you can see for yourselves. Turner described the experience as “complete and pure ecstasy,” surpassing all other experiences in her life. Yes, that includes Joe Jonas’ recent proposal.

“That wasn’t even the best day of my life,” Turner stressed, acknowledging her engagement. “This was.”

Hilarious as it may be, her statement isn’t a slight to fiancé Joe Jonas, widely known as the hottest Jonas brother. (Sorry, Nick.) While Turner may love Jonas deeply, she feels that it’s a widespread misconception that marriage should be the best thing that ever happens to a person—a woman, in particular. Of course, it’s “lovely” to be engaged, but she hopes her true legacy will be her career: “the greatest thing [she’ll] do in [her] life.”



(This content is surely more wholesome than the carnage to come once the final Game of Thrones season drops on HBO this Sunday.)

So what is ‘goat yoga,’ exactly? Admittedly, Turner doesn’t quite know. “I didn’t really do any yoga,” she admitted. “I did nothing but pet goats.” There’s one thing we know for sure: it’s ridiculously adorable, and so is she!


Sophie Turner: "Damn, it's like me at a bar"

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So take a good look! The next time you see Turner, she may be in far more dire circumstances.






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