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Sophie Turner Confirms ‘Game of Thrones’ Won’t Be Back for Quite a While

In an interview with Variety, Sophie Turner confirmed that season 8 of Game of Thrones won’t be dropping until 2019. Also in the interview, she discusses her relationship (friendly) with actor Aidan Gillan, who played Littlefinger, what’s next for her career, and how getting her big break on Game of Thrones has accidentally turned her into “a snob.”


That’s a bummer if you’re anything like me and are desperate for the new season of the best show on TV, but it could also be awesome because that’s a lot of time to perfect the final season. 


When asked how far through production they were, Sophie responded, “We started in October, so we’re maybe like a tenth of the way through. [Laughs.] No, no, we’ve got six or seven months left.”


In the meantime, I’ll get my kicks from seeing photos of the actress with her fiancé, babe Joe Jonas.


Joe and Sophie

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