Some Think Ferrantes Childrens Book is Too Dark

Elena Ferrante is a mysterious character in the world of literature. After being outed by an Italian journalist as Anita Raja, she publicly confirmed the accusation and has asked to be left in peace. But before the dust could settle, she has been accused of corrupting the youth with an overly mature children’s book.

The Beach at Night by Elena Ferrante


The Washington Post reported that Blackstone Publishing rejected the book because “the word ‘s**it’ is used but also includes a scene about boys trying to see girls’ underwear and urinate on their feet.” This may not seem like a big deal, but the book was suppose to me marketed to readers between the ages of 8 and 10. You can listen to the controversial segment below and decide for yourself:

The story covers issues such as abandonment, death, and jealousy. Blackstone seems to think that these topics are too dark for children, but there are plenty of children’s book that deal with these themes. Books like Where the Wild Things Are, The Lorax, The Giving Tree, and The BFG all contain what Blackstone is calling inappropriate content. Are they going over board or is Elena Ferrante’s pick particularly disturbing? The only way to know is to read the book yourself!


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