Kim Jong un

So, Weirdly, Kim Jong Un Is a Huge Harry Potter Fan

We’re all pretty familiar with the wrath, rule, and rage that North Korea’s Kim Jong Un radiates. We’ve been getting a lot of it recently and quite frankly, it scares the hell out of me. But I ain’t here to talk politics, no no. I’m here to talk Potter-tics because Kim Jong Un might be the biggest Harry Potter fan of all.


Kim Jong-un

 Image Via CNN


Daily Star explained that the ruler sees himself in the same boat as Harry Potter, oddly enough. To him, the troubles he faces with the West are along the same lines as the evil that Harry faces with Voldemort. Well, that’s comforting. J. K. Rowling’s wizarding book series are among the select few Western books allowed past the country’s borders.


“The Harry Potter books are famous the world over—and North Korea is no exception,” says a source from South Korea. “Kim sees himself as being like Harry, a young man who grew up to perform great things and take on the evil that is in the world… He clearly sees his fight to build nuclear weapons as his big struggle to have power over the evil West—including the great enemies, South Korea and US.”


Harry Potter and Voldemort

 Image Via Daily Express


That’s not the only surprise. Kim is a huge Disney fan, giving a pass to movies like Cinderella and Dumbo. They’re also set to have their own version of The X Factor with one of the seven judges being Kim’s top minister of culture.


According to Dr. Markus Bell, it’s all part of North Korea’s plan to appear to their people as a strong and “competent state.” Forget weapons of mass destruction, if Kim Jong Un ever got his hands on a magical wand, we’re all doomed.


Feature Image Via NBC News