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So It Looks like a Certain Ritual Will Make It into ‘IT: Chapter 2’

The new movie adaptation of Stephen King’s IT was met with a flurry of positive reviews; The new rendition of an old classic series and book kept the audience’s attention and made them rediscover what fear is. No one is a stranger to Pennywise the Dancing Clown. His innocent appearance lures the children of Derry into unexpected deaths and becomes nothing but a quick bite to eat for the deranged creature. The hype of the movie has not wavered as IT: Chapter 2 is currently in production and fans are excited to learn what’s in store even if it’s a wee little hint.



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Andy Muschietti, the director of IT: Chapter 1 and 2, has hinted at certain things that may be in the movie. Along with the behind-the-scenes pictures, audiences are left with a little taste, but want more. Andy Muschietti has hinted that the well-known turtle, Maturin, guardian and savior of the Loser’s Club, will make a more active appearance in the sequel. Many fans have questions if the actual ritual of defeating Pennywise will be included in the film. Gary Dauberman, the movie’s screenwriter, has confirmed that it will be one of the key features.



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The ‘Ritual of Chud’ is a massive (yet ridiculous) battle between the Loser’s Club and Pennywise. The ritual consists of both parties placing their tongues on one another, biting down on both tongues then attempt to tell jokes and make the other person laugh. Whoever laughs first will be sent to the netherworld. Weird right? Well, I’m looking forward to seeing how this all unfolds when the actual movie is released on September 6, 2019. Ready or not Losers Club, your worst nightmare is coming back to haunt you.




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