Snow Whites Sister Will Get Her Own Live-Action Disney Flick

Disney has been on a live-action kick lately, creating live-action versions of fan favorites like Cinderella and The Jungle Book. Now the company has announced a new live-action project, which will focus on Rose Red – Snow White’s sister.

Disney is taking some liberties with their new story. Those familiar with Grimm’s Fairy Tales will remember Rose Red from her own story, which is unrelated to Snow White’s. But in Disney’s version, the two women will be sisters, and Rose Red will be called upon to save Snow White.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rose Red’s tale will take place after Snow White eats the poison apple and falls into a deep sleep. Rose Red and Snow White are estranged in the new story, but Rose is still good enough to band together with the seven dwarfs and go hunting for a way to revive her sister.

Tara Farney has signed on to the project as an executive producer, and Justin Merz reportedly wrote the script. Evan Daugherty, who was the screenwriter behind Snow White and the Huntsman, re-worked Merz’s stand-alone story to fit in with the Snow White universe.

Rose Red doesn’t have a release date or cast yet, but fans of Disney movies and fairy tales will be watching this one closely.