Small Town Potter Festival Meant for 100 People Attracts 10,000

If you’re trying to throw a small festival, you probably shouldn’t make it Harry Potter themed. Bearsden Cross, a small town on the outskirts of Glasgow, found that out the hard way. Reverend Roddy Hamilton of New Kilpatrick Parish Church, who helped organize the event, said he was shocked by the massive amount of attention it received.

Reverend Hamilton told BBC Scotland that the Potter-themed event was conceived as an idea to develop “better relationships” with the church and the community, but it was “blown out of the water this week by our Facebook post going viral.” Suddenly, Potter fans from around the world expressed interest. The event’s Facebook page announced the cancellation due to concerns over safety and lack of space:

According to Reverend Hamilton, around 10,000 Potter fans confirmed they would be attending the event. “It’s amazing what Harry Potter fans are like, they will fly anywhere – broomsticks or otherwise – to get to a Harry Potter festival.”

We are not at all surprised by the dedication of Harry Potter fans. Hopefully Bearsden Cross will get another opportunity to throw the event! 


Featured image courtesy of Time.