Edith wins

Six-Year Old Phenom Takes Spelling World by Storm


While most six-year olds are still learning how to read, Edith Fuller is spelling words all the way to national fame.


The wunderkind’s talents took her all the way to the Oral Roberts Global Learning Center in Tulsa, where this past March she out-spelled over fifty other students—some of them as old as the eighth grade—to win the right to travel to Washington, D.C. and take part in the ninetieth Scripp’s National Spelling Bee. Edith, only five at the time of her victory, is the youngest person ever to qualify for the competition.


Edith won

Image courtesy of KJRH


According to Edith’s mother Annie, the little girl’s prodigious talent first appeared last summer during a dinner time spelling quiz. Going around testing each of their children, Edith’s parents were impressed when she spelled the word “restaurant” (a word I, at nineteen, have yet to master) without having been taught it beforehand. Edith, who is homeschooled, quickly accrued more lexical knowledge by training with her mom; “My mommy asked me words, and every time I misspelled one, I would look at it,” she told a local radio station in her home of eastern Oklahoma.


Diminutive and strikingly composed, Edith has already been dubbed a “spellebrity” by Scripps, who will hold their bee on Thursday, June 1.


edith fuller

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Though I can’t predict the future, I think it’s safe to say that any six-year-old who can spell the word “jnana” without breaking a sweat probably has a bright future ahead of her.


Featured image courtesy of Tulsa World