Sisters Petition McDonalds to Replace Plastic Toys With Books

Ella and Caitlin McEwan, two sisters from Southampton, aged nine and sveen, want the McDonald’s and Burger King free gifts to be made from sustainable materials in order to help the environment. According to BBC news, they have gathered 400,000 signatures in their petition opposing the use of plastic toys in children’s meals. “We started thinking about the environment when we were [studying it] at school” Ella said. “I like to eat at McDonald’s and Burger King sometimes but I don’t like the toys – they’re really bad for the environment.”

The two sisters have suggested the use of cardboard games and books as more sustainable alternatives.


Image Via BBC News

Ella said they plan to go to McDonald’s and also meet with Burger King to talk about the firms’ future plans. Both companies said they were considering looking at other options.

Their father Craig McEwan expressed how proud he was of his daughters and had not thought the petition, which was launched last year, would be quite this successful. “I expected we’d get maybe a couple of hundred signatures from our our friends” he said. “And in the first week or so we did get about 1,000 but then it suddenly went viral and started shooting up.”



“In the coming months in the UK, customers will see more books, board games and soft toys in our Happy Meals” McDonald’s said. “…which will see a near 60% reduction in the number of hard plastic toys given away in comparison to the first half of the year.”


Featured Image Via CBS News