Jeremy Tiang, Singaporean author

Singapore Withdraws Support From Author Who Went Off Political Message

Jeremy Tiang, an author from the island nation of Singapore, found his government-sourced grant withdrawn after sending in a first draft about the nation’s leftist political movements. “The project did not meet the funding requirements mutually agreed upon as the content in the book deviated from the original proposal,” said Grace Fu, Minister of Culture and overseer of the National Arts Council (NAC), the provider of the initial $12,000 grant.


Author Jeremy Tiang

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The novel, called “State Of Emergency,” follows a family as they navigate turbulent events in the wealthy yet notoriously controlling country. Liang, who has already received $8,600 of the $12,000, is not expected to return the money.


State of Emergency

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Liang, who was shortlisted $5,000 Epigram Books Fiction Prize last year, called Fu’s statement “bland and irrefutable.” However, he did state the following: “it would be nice if we’d taken this opportunity to have a debate about whether arts funding ought to be affected by political concerns, but I suppose that is not a discussion the authorities are interested in having.”


Featured image courtesy of The Straits Times.