Shyamalan’s New Movie, ‘Old,’ Coming in 2021

Filmmaker, M. Knight Shyamalan, known for spine-tingling horror films such as Signs, The Sixth Sense, and The Village, is in production for his next film, Old. Projected to be released on July 23rd, 2021, Shyamalan’s Old is inspired by the successful French graphic novel, Sandcastle, and will build off of Pierre Oscar Levy and Frederick Peeters’ story in which thirteen rapidly aging individuals attempt to escape a small beach on France’s Mediterranean coast. Can they flee to freedom before their time is up?



Shyamalan hasn’t revealed a full synopsis of Old as of yet, though viewers can expect the mysteries of the beach to unfold with the inciting incident which sparks fear in Sandcastle: when the first body is found.




Shyamalan’s latest film in 2019, Glass (the final film of The Unbreakable Trilogy), set a high bar for his work to follow. He  said “it was one of my highest testing movies ever.” The Unbreakable Trilogy- consisting of Unbreakable (2000), Split (2016) and Glass (2019) focused on comic books and their psychological themes in relation to three antiheroes, each with their own instalment.

Shyamalan was inspired to buy the rights to Sandcastle after receiving it as a Father’s Day gift and falling in love with its terrifying charm. From superhero comics to graphic novels, Shyamalan is taking bold steps with blending media, and fans can expect this to continue in his newest film, Old.




Feature Image Via Rolling Stone