Should You Write in Your Books?

One age-old debate we bookworms disagree on is, if it’s okay to write in books. Some of us may exclaim wildly that one must never desecrate a sacred book, while others don’t think it’s that big of a deal. There are some, like me, who think it depends on the situation and book.  

In school, especially college, we’re encouraged to write in our books – which is why we’re made to buy them. As an English major especially, we’re often required to take down notes, annotate pages, and write in the margins. You’d think that as an English major, we’d stay clear of messing with books, but that’s not the case.  

 Images courtesy of Giphy

Often, we steer clear of writing in books simply because it’s a work of literature and we don’t want to ruin it. If it’s an old book, we’ll read it, never mark it up, and it will stay clean and pristine forever. But, there are many circumstances that could warrant a pen to book action. For example, you could be getting a book signed by the author! Then, of course, there would have to be some writing in that book. On the other hand, there are books out there that have a title page to write your own name as the owner of the book. Some people refuse to do any of these. 

I am a little more lenient when it comes to writing in books. I’m the “it all depends” person. I believe you should write in your books if: 

A) An author is signing your book or you are the author signing the book

B) You are annotating for class

C) You are writing your name in the book to show ownership

Other than these, I don’t think there should be any writing in books! There are already enough words on them, wouldn’t you get confused? I would say if you have the urge to write in the margins, just tag some sticky notes on the pages! 

How do you feel about writing in books? 



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