Short Story Vending Machines Are a Real Thing in France

When you forget your breakfast as you run out the door, you can grab something from the vending machine in the train station. But what if you forget your book? Well, if you live in Grenoble, then there’s a vending machine for that, too.

French publisher Short Édition has come up with a very clever way to distribute short stories: they’ve installed eight literary vending machines around the city of Grenoble, France. The machines print short stories on long strips of paper. They’re like your CVS receipts, only more fun to read.

The vending machines are completely free, so all readers have to do is press a button to receive their literature. The machines are strategically placed to target commuters, a group the publisher sees as uniquely in need of the service. “In the bus, the tram or the metro, everyone can make the most of these moments to read short stories, poems or short comics,” Short Édition explained in a statement. In addition to transit stations, you’ll find the vending machines in highly trafficked areas like the city’s tourism center.

The machines have been out serving readers for just two weeks, but Short Édition says that they’ve already printed 10,000 stories. That’s a lot of improved commutes!


Main image credit: Short Édition