Shonda Rhimes Wants You to Say Yes

In December 2013, “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal” creator Shonda Rhimes was challenged to a seemingly impossible task for an introvert like herself. Rhimes rose to accept the daunting task of saying “yes” to the unforeseen opportunities that she encountered for an entire year.

The year was a whirlwind of emotions for Rhimes, and she planned to keep her adventures private before Simon & Schuster approached her with a book deal.

“Saying yes for an entire year turned out to be one of the most amazing decisions I have ever made,” said Rhimes in a Simon & Schuster press release. “It was also a little insane, a lot terrifying, and sometimes wildly embarrassing. So this is not a story I ever planned to share with anyone. However, once Simon & Schuster asked me, I had no choice – what else could I say but yes?”

Rhimes’ novel, Year of Yes, will tell her journey of saying “yes” throughout 2014. The novel will be released in November 2015, and if her television success is any indication, Year of Yes will have a place on millions of bookshelves.

Rhimes is following many other celebrities who have recently published a book. If November is too long to wait, check out some of our favorite books written by celebrities here!