‘Sherlock’ Writers Behind New ‘Dracula’ Series for BBC and Netflix

Ever since his inception by Bram Stoker, Dracula and vampires as a whole have continued to inspire, frighten, and intrigue humanity. But, Dracula is not just like every other vampire; his name is known by almost everyone in the world in one shape or another. Now, the heroic villain we all admire is finally getting the adaptation he always deserved.


The series will be written by the same duo behind the critically acclaimed Sherlock series, Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffrat, and will be released via BBC for those located in the UK. However, for those outside of the United Kingdom, Netflix is scheduled to also pick up the show’s first season. Sue Vertue’s Hartswood Films will be set to produce on the project.




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The series has been set to release with three ninety-minute episodes for the first season. In our first look at Dracula, we will be getting a view of the immersive setting of London in the 1890s, with our anti-hero coming straight from Transylvania. The bloodsucker is finally getting his own spotlight after a failed miniseries in 2013 cast our hopes in an ocean of uncertainty and doubt. 




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While no release date or cast have been released yet, all our horror-bookworms out there are rightfully hyped to see one of history’s best villainous anti-hero’s back in action on the screen. Many are hoping for a more faithful and traditional approach to Stoker’s magnum opus than the other vampire movies that have been released more recently. For more news on this upcoming release, be sure to stick to us here at Bookstr like glue!



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