Sherlock Gnomes

‘Sherlock Gnomes’ Trailer Marries Fart Jokes With Johnny Depp in Perfect Union

A new trailer has dropped for the Gnomeo & Juliet follow-up Sherlock Gnomes. This trailer features: fart jokes, poop jokes, upbeat electronic dance music, and Johnny Depp.



In this installment, the gnomes are in a new yard with new threats and new heroes. The newest hero is the titular Sherlock Gnomes, voiced by John Christopher Depp II. One character says, “No ship, Sherlock.” It is a play on the common phrase “No shit, Sherlock,” which is used when someone says something obvious. It’s a funny joke because the word ‘ship’ sounds like the word ‘shit.’


Some other good jokes include Sherlock Gnomes twerking, a chubby gnome twerking, and also a funny joke where one of the gnomes shatters and says, “What the fertilizer?” This is a funny joke, but it does confuse me because I’d expect the gnome would say “What the fuck?” in this situation. However, by replacing ‘fuck’ with ‘fertilizer,’ it would seem as if the intended phrase that’s being played upon is “What the shit?” “What the shit?” is much less common than “What the fuck?” so it leaves me a little confused as to what is being joked upon. Though, I must admit, it is humorous. I think children will especially find it funny.


It seems as if the creators of Gnomeo & Juliet and Sherlock Gnomes will be mining literary classics that contain an “ome” sound for future films in the series. Best of luck to them. I would say offer them some of your best gnome puns, but maybe let’s see what they come up with. They are clearly very smart.




Feature Image Via Paramount Pictures