Shannon Hale Draws Strength from Wonder Woman

Author Shannon Hale is well known for writing stories of empowerment for Young girls. One of her well known series, is the Princess Academy series, which follows a young girl who attends a princess academy. Now she has a new novel out that is based on her favorite superhero: Wonder Woman.


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Diana Princess of the Amazons, is written by Shannon Hale and her husband Dean Hale. The story imagines Wonder Woman as an eleven year old girl, and similar to her other novel, Real Friends, it deals with female friendships and how tricky they can be. Hale opened up about how she deals with backlash from male students when she visits classroom, and how they tend to greet her with boos when she presents her novel with a female on the cover. According to Hale, the teachers don’t stop the boys when they boo her, all they say is “Boys will be boys” and that’s the wrong direction to take because that shows girls that it’s okay for boys to disrespect them. However when her husband is with her, she doesn’t get booed half the time in the classroom.



All of that is reason enough why she chooses to write about female empowerment and how important it is. As she was growing up, she loved reading Princess stories, but she didn’t like how helpless they were so she wanted to change the narrative to show that a princess can be anything they want to be, and despite the criticism from her young male audience, her novels are for boys as well. Hale gets asked a lot about writing a story centered around a boy, but her novels are for boys too. Just because it’s not centered around a boy doesn’t mean a boy can’t relate to the story. Her novels are for everyone.


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