Shakespeare & Co. Storefront

Shakespeare & Co. Reopens on the Upper West Side

Shakespeare & Co. has finally come back to the Upper West Side. The bookstore returns after competition with a next door Barnes and Noble forced it out of the neighborhood twenty-two years ago.


Spectrum News reports that the independent shop is making its comeback with all sorts of new features. In addition to a new cafe, the shop has a 3D printer that can print bookstore-quality paperbacks on demand. Customers will actually be able to print books that aren’t on the shelves or even self-publish their own projects.



Shakespeare & Co. Book Printer

Image via Shakespeare & Co.


“There will be a day when you can come into a 2,000 square foot store, ask for a book in any language and if it’s not on the shelf, we’ll say have a cup of coffee, we’ll get it to you in three minutes,” says Shakespeare & Co. CEO Dane Neller. “That technology can do that now.”


Shakespeare & Co.’s return marks the comeback of independent booksellers after years of being forced out by chains like Barnes and Noble or sites like Amazon. Now there is demand for the community building that local bookstores provide and there are increasingly more attractions to bring in readers and customers.





Featured Image via Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York