Seuss Estate Sues Parody Book Maker

A recent Kickstarter project from the Connecticut based company ComicMix has been met legal backfire. ComicMix has been sued by the Dr. Seuss estate for the attempt to sell their Dr.Seuss / Star Trek mash-up book, Oh The Places You’ll Boldly Go. In this book, mirror images from Dr. Seuss’s original work are remixed to include Star Trek characters and all new lyrics. The project’s Kickstarter had reached  tens of thousands when they were sued by DSE, the owner of the Dr. Seuss copyrights.

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The folks over at ComicMix foresaw the legal debacle, including the following in their Kickstarter page:

While we firmly believe that our parody, created with love and affection, fully falls within the boundary of fair use, there may be some people who believe that this might be in violation of their intellectual property rights. And we may have to spend time and money proving it to people in black robes. And we may even lose that.


What do you think about this case? Now a days, referential and “remix” art is becoming more and more relevant, but how much is too much?


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