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Seth Rogen’s Adaptation of This Graphic Novel Is Amazing and Here’s Why

Preacher is a graphic novel series from writer Garth Ennis and illustrated by Steve Dillion. If you haven’t read the comic already though, have no fear. The television adaptation produced by Seth Rogen stays true to the comics’ story-line while also adding its own flavor to the series.


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Preacher’s story-line is equal parts wacky and fun, and dark and serious. The titular preacher, Jesse Custer is chosen for some reason or another to house a power greater than that of God. After being given this power, the show shows Jesse coming to terms with being a potential demi-god and ultimately takes us on a ride to find God himself on earth. 



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There is plenty to say about what the show does right. First, the acting is incredibly believable. Although almost the entire scenario is hard to even imagine, the entire cast delivers in each and every scene. Dominic Cooper portrays Jesse in an incredible way; able to make the character’s beliefs and values become warped in just a few seconds. Joseph Gilgun is hard not to love as the drug addicted, party loving, sweet and loyal, eternal vampire, Cassidy. And Ruth Negga captures the stubbornness and badassness of Tulip in her first scene so perfectly that it’s hard not to wonder if a rocket launcher can be built with such finesse and ease.



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The writing on the show is also worthy of comment. Although the adaptation is at first slow to get into, once Jesse leaves his hometown, the journey gets only more crazy and hectic. This adaptation is incredibly accurate to the original comic with only a few necessary tweaks to a few characters. Seth Rogen’s version of Preacher perfectly balances its minor changes with precise execution, making for a story that differs only slightly from the original graphic novel. 



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The adaptation also balances its laughs with its more serious moments beautifully. Although Jesse’s Custer may seem like a sullen and morose character, there is a huge amount of comic relief in his loyal vampire friend Cassidy. Cassidy’s character breaks the tension many times when there is a death or something else befalls on the trio. Even though there are people dying because of and even for them, the trio always seems to hold their head high on their search to find the one and only God.



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Preacher‘s third season is still currently going on, but one can easily catch up on the first two seasons on Hulu or AMC, so catch up and try to start on Season 3.


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