‘Selena and Chef’ Instructors Ranked (Plus Their Cookbooks)

A ranking of all the chefs from ‘Selena and Chef’ and their cookbooks, so you can try more than just the HBO recipes at home.

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Over the past few weeks, HBO MAX has been rolling out one of their many new streaming shows, Selena and Chef. The show is filmed in the pop star’s house as she zooms with famous chefs and tries to learn how to cook. You also get treated to close ups of her dogs and Selena Gomez’s super adorable facetime call with Taylor Swift. But the best part, is that it leaves you feeling like you can cook anything (assuming you have a dutch oven and access to saffron, of course).

Below is a ranking of all the chefs’ dishes from the show and their cookbooks, so you can try the Selena recipes and more at home.

10. Candace Kumai

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Kumai and Selena made spicy miso ramen and matcha chocolate chip cookies together. While both recipes looked delicious, it was probably the least entertaining of the all the dishes on the show to watch her prepare. But easy doesn’t mean it’s not yummy, and Candace has four cookbooks filled with great recipes. You can find them here.

9. Nancy Silverton

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The episode with Nancy Silverton got a little crazy, with burnt parchment paper and spilled leeks. But, ultimately the vegetables while gorgeous, were just not as great of a dish as the others. But luckily, Silverton’s love for all things Italian shines through in her multiple cookbooks to give you more recipes to try. You can find all of her books here.

8. Ludo Lefebvre

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There isn’t a more accurate name for his cookbook than ‘Ludo Bites.’ The chef yelled his way through the episode, and for what, an omelette? It was a good intro to cooking  but clearly Ludo has so much more to offer than just eggs. You can find his cookbook here.

7. Angelo Sosa

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Sosa approached the show like most of the chefs should have– he taught Selena the basics instead of jumping in to crazy recipes. But guac and wok (they rhyme!) just aren’t going to stand up to some of the other recipes she made, and definitely didn’t show off all of Sosa’s skills. You can find a few of his cookbooks here.

6. Jon and vinny

While the two chef bros don’t have a cookbook out, their episode is worth noting. They taught Selena how to make a full roasted chicken with an amazing looking cilantro sauce. It’s worth checking out just to see Selena and her roommates freak out about removing a heart from inside the chicken.



5. Tanya Holland

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Holland’s fried chicken was the most crave worthy of all the dishes Selena made. Plus, her biscuit technique is a game changer for people looking to step up their skills. And if none of this appeals to you, then just acknowledge that the legendary Michael Chabon wrote a forward for her cookbook. You can find it here.

4. roy choi

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Choi’s famous street food was a perfect test for Selena. He taught her to make Korean BBQ breakfast tacos which a) looked insane and b) involved a lot of creativity to create. His food looks like it always satisfies. You can find more of his recipes here.

3. daniel holzman

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True to his episode, Holzman’s cookbook offers tons of interesting takes on meatballs. But more importantly, Holzman taught Selena how to make homemade gnocchi which looked so incredibly good. You can find his cookbook here.

2. antonia lofaso

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Lofaso may be marketing to busy moms, but her recipe on the show took a TON of preparation. But it was totally worth it since she taught Selena how to make three types of seafood and then gloriously mix them all together in a dish to dream about. You can find her cookbook (and probably some simpler recipes) here.

1. nyesha arrington

Arrington doesn’t have a cookbook out, but her episode was clearly the best one (always save the best for last). She taught Selena how to fillet a fish entirely and make a gorgeous sauce for it. Plus, they also made (human edible) doggy treats which led to many, many dog cameos. Arrington’s recipe was the most difficult but definitely the most rewarding. Hopefully she’ll come out with a cookbook soon!



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