Snitch donuts

Seekers, Catch These Golden Snitch Butterbeer Doughnuts While They’re Hot

Harry Potter fans must be among the best fed fans in the universe, what with Harry Potter themed pubs, pastries, and festive dinners in the Great Hall and Colwick Hall Hotel in Nottingham, England, which is currently hosting a Harry Potter themed afternoon tea through October and November. 



Accio this menu! / Via Cosmopolitan 


Maybe you’ve misplaced your broomstick and can’t make it to Nottingham. Is Virginia any closer to you? If so, you can join the many people salivating over their new Golden Snitch doughnuts!


Though the Golden Snitch is not known to be easy to spot, the Butterbeer Doughnuts, complete with their own little snitches, have been gaining a lot of attention. Check out all the comments under their Instagram photo: enough hungry seekers to win any number of Quidditch matches! 



Featured Image Via Instagram