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Secret Rare Book Collection to Be Sold for Nearly Half a Million Dollars!

In Lincoln, Nebraska a man named James Seacrest has bestowed a vastly extensive and extremely impressive literary collection to be sold at auction in New York this year. Seacrest passed away in 2016, but for decades before that point he had been a newspaper publisher, and a collector of rare and signed books of all varieties and genres.



James Seacrest | Image Via North Platte Telegraph 


Seacrest had dealt heavily in the business of book dealing and collecting. The man was an addict for hard-to-come-by editions of books, and when his home was visited by the Director of Rare Books at Heritage Auctions, James Gannon, the man was taken aback by how long he would have to extend his stay in order to sift through all of the material. Seacrest had several signed Charles Dickens books, a couple signed F. Scott Fitzgerald books, a signed copy of The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger, a signed copy of Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, a signed book by President Obama, not to mention thousands of other fiction and non-fiction tomes. Gannon says there was even one room in the home entirely dedicated to books on the state of Nebraska’s history!


catcher in the rye

Image Via Medium


Gannon estimates that the 200 books picked out to be sold at auction should total approximately $440,000 and that proceeds gathered are intended to be donated to various charities of the Seacrest family’s choosing. Apparently James Seacrest was always quite private about his collecting and also about his charitable nature, so out of respect for his legacy the family has declined to announce which charities the money will go to. 


I know that I can’t fathom the delight and pleasure of even just holding one of these precious pieces, let alone read from them! I can only hope that they find beautiful, new homes to inhabit!




Feature Image Via Rare Book Hub