Scratch-Off Chart Keeps Track of Your Reads

It’s the lotto meets your annual advent calendar, design meets practicality. Graphic design company Pop Chart Lab unveiled a new print this week that functions dually as wall art and as a catalogue for completed books. The “100 Essential Novel Scratch-Off Chart” features a 10 x 10 grid of ‘essential books’, the crème de la crème of the canon from Lord of the Flies to the Naked Lunch.

The 18” x 24” lets you scratch your literary itch (you had to see that one coming) by literally scratching away at the cover of a completed book. Pick away at each one’s gold foil background to reveal a new novel-specific image beneath the shiny veneer.

Gold! Excitement!

Whether you chose hang it before you read or after you’ve completed the list of 100, let the print sustain your high-brow reading ambitions and serve as a constant nuisance to any friend who wants just one recommendation. Directed to the chart, they’re going to get 100. Prints are available for preorder here, and shipping begins Friday August 12th.

Images courtesy of Pop Chart Lab.