Scott Turow’s ‘One L’ Adaptation Brings Legal Drama to Freeform

Unstoppable novelist Scott Turow will add yet another film adaptation to his repertoire with One L, an autobiographical novel soon to be adapted into a television series.

Variety reported on May 2 that Turow is working with TV network Freeform to produce a series based on his novel One L: The Turbulent True Story of a First Year at Harvard Law School. The series will reportedly be character-driven, following students who bond while struggling with “the perils of their first year of law school” as well as their “complicated pasts.”

Turow wrote One L in 1977 about his own experiences during his first year at Harvard Law School; the book sells especially well with accepted students preparing to undergo the same journey.


Scott Turow LOVES libraries.

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Turow has written almost a dozen bestselling fiction books and several nonfiction books. He is also a senior lawyer with prodigious experience in and around the Chicago area. He also already has plenty of television and film adaptations under his belt. The 2011 television film Innocent was based on Turow’s novel by the same name, and starred Harrison Ford, who plays a steadfast judge accused of killing his wife.

Fortunately, we may not have to worry about the series not remaining true to the adaptation. The author himself is writing a draft of the pilot with Jill Abbinanti, a writer and producer known for her work on Instinct and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Given that Law & Order is one of the most iconic and recognizable legal thrillers of all time, we’re pretty excited about what’s in store for these law students (stress, probably).

We don’t yet know the release date, but we DO know that Bookstr is offering a thrilling giveaway of Scott Turow prizes, including signed books and fun, legal-themed extras! Enter to win big—maybe waiting to see if you’re the winner will help distract you from the wait for this series to release.




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