Scientist in Antarctica Stabs Colleague for Spoiling Book Endings

Has anyone ever spoiled the ending of a book to you and it made you so mad you wanted to kill them? Well, a Russian scientist at a remote Antarctic outpost tried to do just that. According to the New York Post, researcher Sergey Savitsky, stationed at Bellingshausen on King George Island, stabbed his colleague in the chest because the man kept telling him the endings of books before he had read them.


The Russian Bellingshausen station in Antarctica

The Russian Bellingshausen station in Antarctica | Image Via The Irish Times


It was apparently the first ever attempted murder of a human being in Antarctica, and it’s not immediately clear what books Sergey was reading the endings of which were so precious to him that spoilers led to extreme violence. The victim is expected to survive, and has been flown to a hospital in Chile.


The two men had worked together for four years in the hostile Antarctic conditions, and the close working conditions probably didn’t help their relationship. Sergey himself was taken back to Russia and arrested. Presumably, he’ll have plenty of books to read in prison, hopefully this time spoiler free.


Feature Image Via G Adventure