School Book Fairs Were the Best

Do you remember the Scholastic Book Fair? If you went to a school like mine, you’d get a pamphlet or magazine full of books and literary products that you could order ahead of time. Scholastic would then hold a gosh-darn beautiful book fair at your school where you could pick up the stuff you ordered- or you could buy on the spot. Parents probably had mixed feelings about such book fairs. On the one hand, basically every child loved it, meaning they were excited to get books. On the other, it’s all too easy to purchase too many books… Homer knows…

Why were these book fairs so great and why do I miss it so much? There are a few reasons.  

1. You get to flip through books with friends and get excited about a new read

2. Even though no one loves waiting, waiting for new books to arrive is by far the best kind of waiting

3. Opening the whole box of new books was, and still is, an awesome feeling

4. The book fair would happen once, twice, sometimes even three times a year- there were always new books to look forward to!

I specifically remember buying a book that came with a free mini inflatable couch! While I was initially excited about getting the little toy, the book is what I ended up loving. It was a cute, short story. A lot of books came with little, unnecessary, toys and trinkets, but it was actually a genius marketing tool. Children love toys, most of the time more than books. Put a book and a toy together, and a kid is exponentially more likely to want the book- and then read it! Good job, Scholastic.

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