Scholastic Publishing Original, Brand New ‘Riverdale’ Books

CW’s hit series Riverdale, which just wrapped up its second season, is getting both companion and original books from Scholastic, by the fall of this year! Riverdale Student Handbook and Riverdale: The Day Before – The Prequel Novel will both follow all the same characters and plot points as the television show, but will be expanding the world. 



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The Riverdale Student Handbook will dive into Riverdale and “everything you really need to know about surviving Riverdale High”. It’s set to hit shelves August 28, 2018. 



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A bit later in the year, Scholastic will release Riverdale: The Day Before – The Prequel Novel, an original work telling the story of “life in Riverdale before audiences joined the story at the start of season 1.” Written by Micol Ostow, the prequel will be told from multiple points of view, with the characters telling their own stories. 



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The Riverdale Student Handbook is set to be published August 28 of this year, available for preorder now.


Riverdale: The Day Before is being published December 26, 2018 and is also available for preorder now. 


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