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“Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” Re-Released With Original Art to Scar New Generation

When HarperCollins re-released “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” in 2011, they effectively declawed Alvin Schwartz’s series by replacing Stephen Gammell’s unforgettable illustrations with Brett Helquist’s less-than-terrifying takes on the tales.


But HarperCollins has rectified their past mistakes, and have re-released the series in a collection featuring Gammell’s original artwork.


Side by side of Gammell and Helquist's take on the same story.

Left: Gammell, Right: Helquist / via Adventures in Poor Taste


This will come as a relief to fans, and 80s/90s kids everywhere as they can once again feast their eyes on their childhood nightmares.



via Mental Floss


Following last year’s news that “Pan’s Labyrinth” director, Guillermo del Toro, will produce and possibly direct a movie based on the series for CBS films, this re-release will smartly strike while the nostalgia-hammer is hot.


Pick up HarperCollins’s 2017 collected re-release of “Scary Stories to Tel in the Dark,” “More Scary Stories,” and “Scary Stories 3” right here.


Feature image courtesy of King Gossip.