David Beckham

Sam Tarly Actor Takes David Beckham’s Breath Away

I find it rather surprising when stars become dumbfounded by other stars, because aren’t you a star? This is what I thought when I heard about David Beckham’s recent celebrity run-in.


The world-famous footballer posted an Instagram picture a couple days ago of himself with John Bradley, better known as Samwell Tarly from Game of Thrones





Look at that smile! That giddy expression, the proud stance, and the brotherly embrace are all cues that this was not just an everyday encounter for the badass Brit. Beckham seems like he’s trying to conceal, not feel the excitement of seeing one of the best characters from Game of Thrones. And that caption shows nothing but pure admiration, isn’t it lovely?


Beckham has previously faced some heat from angry GoT fans for posting spoilers on Instagram. That is nothing to take lightly, we don’t care what time zone you’re in. But we do find it funny that the Game of Thrones actor who said he wanted to be famous in order to meet the Spice Girls is now meeting the husband of Posh Spice… Coincidence? Maybe. Samwell Tarly’s dream come? Absolutely.  


If we all played it like Beckham when meeting a celebrity, that’d be fine right?



Feature Image Via Hello Magazine