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Rupert Grint and Lindsay Lohan Star In New Comedy Series!

I will definitely say that many of the lines and scenes that stick in my mind from Harry Potter have to do with Ron Weasley and his lovable, clueless sense of humor.


More specifically, I love when Ron knocks Gilderoy Lockhart unconscious with a rock in The Chamber of Secrets. As Lockhart limply tips over, Ron enthusiastically asks Harry, “what do I do now?!” Love it.


Rupert Grint

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Now, we get to see that silly sense of humor all over again without the wand. A trailer for the comedy show , Sick Note starring Rupert Grint, was recently released and we’re trying to switch our minds away from his overpowering magical persona. Sick Note will premier in November on Sky One and Now TV.


His character, Daniel Glass, is stricken with bad luck when he loses his job, gets dumped by his lady friend, and worst of all, gets diagnosed with cancer. Suddenly everyone is nice to him. But, when Glass finds out his diagnosis was incorrect, will he tell everyone or stick with the sad story? Will the pity and affection he is showered with be enough to help him get away with murder?


Check this trailer!




Starring Rupert Grint, Nick Frost, and Don Johnson, this comedy is gritty, amusing, breaks rules, and has that notable hint of Weasley humor. And as if all this wasn’t enough, Lindsey Lohan will be appearing in the second season! Lohan will play Katerina West, the daughter of Daniel Glass’s boss Kenny, played by Don Johnson. Finally, the Mean Girls and Harry Potter universes will gloriously collide! 


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