Rupert Grint Admitted He Hasn’t Seen All of the Harry Potter Films

Rupert Grint, our Ron Weasley has admitted recently that he hasn’t seen all of the Harry Potter movies. What a shock! There are eight of them and even though he’s in them, he hasn’t found the time to watch them, which makes me wonder about all those movie premieres. Did he he sleep through them? Or just go home after the red carpet?


Image via Insider
According to Grint, he’s only seen the first three films at the premieres. After that he just stopped watching them. Although, he did see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which he found a little weird considering someone else was playing his role as Ron Weasley, but thought the play and the plot was an interesting take on the story. The play was amazing, it’s hard to be mad at something so cool and magical brought to life right before your eyes. It was literal magic on stage.
Now that Grint is a dad, he figures when his daughter gets older he will have to watch all of them with her. How sweet, daddy daughter bonding. I bet she’s a Gryffindor just like him. Grint also stated that he won’t be reprising his role in the rumored HBO Max series, which is a little heartbreaking but also not surprising since the series isn’t going to be a continuation but more so a rewind with a new cast. A new cast is going to be extremely weird but the golden trio will always be Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint. No one can replace them in our hearts.
BTW Rupert, you can stream all eight movies right now on peacock.
Featured Image via TheTimes