Ruby Rose Batwoman

Ruby Rose’s ‘Batwoman’ Pilot Ordered by CW

The cousin of Batman is on her way to the screen! Variety reports that the CW has ordered a pilot episode for the Batwoman series starring Orange Is the New Black alum Ruby Rose.



ruby rose batwoman

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Rose made her debut as the iconic character in last month’s DC TV crossover that spanned across CW’s Supergirl, Flash, and Arrow. Her performance was well received and easily stood out as the most memorable part of the crossover event.


The newest iteration of Batwoman is a highly trained replacement for Batman as well as the first LGBT superhero to lead a live-action TV show. She’s forced into action after crime overtakes Gotham in Batman’s absence and will have to “overcome her demons” before she can save the city.


Batwoman is being overseen by Arrowverse showrunner Greg Berlanti and written by Vampire Diaries alum Caroline Dries. The pilot will be directed by Game of Thrones director David Nutter.

Featured Image via Variety