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Royal Recipes for Your ‘Game of Thrones’ Premiere Party

Winter is (almost) here for Game of Thrones fans! While the show is about to have its final season premiere (I’m already crying), fans are gearing up their preparations for premiere parties and the inevitable stress-eating that will ensue. So I have personally found and tested a lot of recipes that are perfect for any GoT fan and will surely be a hit at any King’s feast!

First on this mighty list are these delicious appetizers, courtesy of Buzzfeed.


Image Via Buzzfeed


These cheesy garlic muffins are good enough to melt any Northerner’s heart! For a simpler version, you could just buy some Pillsbury french bread dough, garlic powder, olive oil, butter, and mozzarella cheese. Follow the Pillsbury recipe here for the garlic-butter sauce, and just wrap some dough around a spoonful of the mozzarella cheese. One can of dough will make 6 muffins, and that garlic recipe works for 1 can, just for your own reference.

Other ideas for appetizers are some devilishly delicious deviled eggs and, of course, HotPie’s infamous Direwolf Bread.

Another recipe you’ll need for your feast is the main dish fit for a King (or queen—we don’t know who will be sitting on the Iron Throne). This pork loin would be fit for any ruler. This recipe is so mouthwatering and filling it’s guaranteed to satisfy and make any feast guest happy. And this recipe can be adjusted to accommodate the amount of people at your own party.


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Other main dishes that can be served at this grand feast are Little Chicken Fingers (chicken fingers with honey mustard), Theon’s Favorite Toys (hot dogs in crescent rolls), and some garlic ribs that are absolutely perfect for sharing at this feast. If you can’t make all of these dishes for the same feast, don’t worry! Any of these are perfect for stress-eating at subsequent viewing parties—that includes parties of one.

And no party would be complete without desserts and drinks! With this upcoming season, I have a feeling we’re going to need A LOT of drinks and sweets to make us feel better!


Images Via A Heaping Spoonful & Rosanna Pansino.


I can tell you that Sansa has great taste when it comes to sweets! Lady Sansa’s Lemon Cakes are some of the yummiest (and easiest recipes) I’ve found in a long time. The most difficult part was the addition of candied lemons, but this recipe will show you how to make the treat perfectly. The rest of the recipe just involves buying lemon curd (which is surprising easy to find in Target) and making lemon cupcakes.

These Dragon Egg Truffles from Rosanna Pansino are also perfect for any GoT fan, easy to make and pretty to look at! To quench your thirst for GoT, these Wildfire Shots and these cocktails (including The Imp, pictured above) are the best drinks to get everyone through the emotional rollercoaster we are about to face!

So let us feast, drink, and celebrate our favorite characters while we still can, and raise a glass for those we’ve lost along the way. For the night is dark and full of terrors, but soon your stomach will be full of delicious baked goods!