Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan Exposes the Hollywood Secrets We’re Still Ignorant of

If someone told us that the end of 2017 would start a tidal wave of sexual assault allegations and admissions, I don’t think anyone would’ve believed it. Now the surge is coming full force and the victims of these actions are taking the reins. One of the first women to step forward about the actions of Harvey Weinstein was actress Rose McGowan. 


Rose McGowan

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In her new book BRAVE, the Charmed actress speaks up about her encounter with Harvey Weinstein. It’s a terrible moment where she describes him as “the Monster.” However, we don’t just get a reflection on that assault, we get all her trials and hardships. According to People, she touches on sensitive topics that played major roles in her life.


The book does cover how Harvey Weinstein assaulted her in his hotel room. She recalls disturbing details about the assault that ended in a sabotage on her career, but she was urged by others to see it as a stepping stone to success.


She also discusses her first sexual assault in Hollywood, which occurred when she was just fourteen. A much older man forced himself on her while on set as an extra, but she was still forced to take the job due to financial and family obligations.


Her past relationship with director Robert Rodriguez is also covered, which scarred her mentally and emotionally. Rodriguez used his knowledge of McGowan’s assault and used it against her in movie projects and deals with Weinstein’s company Miramax


Also covered is that her relationship with Marilyn Manson ended due to the chaos of their lifestyle. She expresses her love for Manson, but their lifestyle and different journeys left her “exhausted.” Their differences proved to be greater than their love.


She also reveals that she had to lie about the truth behind her plastic surgery. What was supposed to fix something from a past sinus issue left her with a different look altogether due to a doctor’s mistake. However, publicists created a statement for her to explain her procedure.


Her barely-there 1998 MTV VMAs dress wasn’t meant to be sexual. McGowan explains her choice behind her dress was supposed to be a final nod to all her assaulters that she owns her own body.


Being on Charmed showed her female struggles in the workplace first-hand. One of the only female directors she worked with while on the show was constantly disrespected and laughed at by the other male directors. McGowan wishes that she had stood up for her then.


Her first love and past boyfriend was stabbed to death. She escaped from an abusive relationship into the arms of her first real love. It came to a sudden end when he was stabbed to death with no suspects charged. The crime remained unsolved and McGowan still reflects on the pain.


These are only a few of the stories McGowan shares in her new memoir BRAVE. It will be released January 31st and we can only hope it will bring with it a new, brighter day.


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